Simple care for dogs

My precious dog Lucky
My precious dog Lucky

Dogs are social animals. They were the first animals to be domesticated by early man, several years ago. According to History World, the earliest known evidence of a domesticated dog is a jawbone found in a cave in Iraq and dated to about 12,000 years ago. Before man realized he could keep cows, goats and poultry for milk, meat or eggs, man kept dogs. Why? Simply because both man and dog were hunters and had one similarity, their prey.

As much as we all love having dogs, not everyone knows how to take care of them. It’s quite common to see dogs suffering of malnutrition, something that it is quite sad. It’s a known fact that if you take good care of your dog, your dog will be happy and will keep you happy in return.

The following are simple tips on how you could take good care of your dog:

  1. Feeding – This should be the first and major thing you have to consider because it determines the health of your dog. What you feed your dog depends on its age, activity level and ideal weight. Dogs, just like human beings need a balanced diet. Some protein, vitamins, minerals, roughage (Fiber helps regulate canine diabetes, aids in weight loss and reduces the occurrence of anal gland disease) and water. Dogs are carnivorous animals so keep bones and meat in their diet. Dry foods are also good since they have low calories. Talk to your vet about the best affordable diet for your dog.
  2. Washing and grooming – Dogs can’t naturally keep themselves clean and they can get messy. Wash your dog regularly to keep them clean and pest free. Always keep their feeding bowls clean. Wash the bowls after every meal or serving if possible to prevent your dogs from getting bacterial or fungal infections and worms. Brush your dog regularly so that as he sheds fur the new coat grows properly.
  3. Supplies – Dogs need accessories like a leash and a collar which come in handy when you need to walk or train your dog. Remember dogs are social animals so they adore playthings. You need to buy your dog toys depending on their personality. That is if the dog likes interactive or chewy toys. Your dog also needs a bed to keep them warm and cozy. Ensure your dog has a separate food and water bowl. The least expensive option is a plastic bowl but they tend to wear out quickly and can harbor bacteria so they need to be washed quite often. Stainless steel bowls are a better option, because they last long and are easy to clean.
  4. Training – Dogs can be such sweethearts especially when trained. Training does not include housebreaking only, teaching your dog some tricks or how to respond to commands. It also includes having your dog on a proper eating schedule.
  5. Environment – Keep your house and the compound clean. If you have a lawn keep it constantly mowed to keep pests like flees away. Keep items like plastics away especially if your dog likes chewy toys or chewing stuff. Plastics cannot be digested so they are likely to harm your dog’s alimentary canal and you might notice blood in their poop. If you have a back yard have the correct type of fence to keep your dog from wandering off and getting hurt or lost.
  1. Dog naming – Naming dogs is a fun task. Keep in mind the appearance, heritage, special characteristics, and behavior when naming your dog. Also remember that your dog and you will have to live with the name you choose the entire time. So keep it fun.

Taking care of a dog isn’t so hard once you get the hang of it. With those few tips I believe you can go out there and get yourself a furry friend. Do you have a dog? What other tips can you give to take of dogs?


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