Travel Therapy


I never liked travelling as a child. I would nurse headaches after every trip and I would be so cranky afterwards. I do not mind road trips now. Provided I have a vehicle, and someone to drive it. In the recent past, I have had these episodes when all I would think about is how much I want to get away, but my dislike for travelling got in the way.

Last month, I was overcome by a severe case of wanderlust. It was happening. I decided to stop wishing and start doing. So I packed up my blues, and took the next bus to the farthest place possible. I took this trip with the sole purpose of losing bad memories of recent occurrences somewhere along the way. I needed to feed my mind with positivity and inspiration, even if it meant a frantic pursuit.

There’s something therapeutic about travelling. I cannot quite tell you what it is. Probably it’s the fact that you go out of your routine for starters, and your comfort zone.┬áBe it waking up at ungodly hours to catch a flight, or a bus. Experiencing new weather, a different culture, trying to speak another language, or trying out different cuisines. The excitement of a new adventure. For me it was something as simple as delighting in taking cold showers, because it was too hot in the city. I think a different experience, however small, always helps one puts things in perspective.

As I travelled back home, I was filled with mixed emotions. I was happy and sad. Anxious but also nonchalant. I wondered why I wasn’t as excited as the first day of my trip. Had I healed?

The most important thing was the lesson I learnt. Life will hand you different things everyday. The world will break your heart fifty ways to Sunday. What matters is how you deal with it, because you have to keep moving forward or else you will lose your balance. Do not fight the misery so hard, or you will keep circling the drain. Instead, let the pain ferment and season you. Learn from the experience;